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Neighboring Developments

1)  5/12/21 query: What is the status of land development on the north side of Pualani Estates?

A.    In January, 2021 we received a courtesy communication from the owner of the agricultural land to the north after her acquisition. She had stated that they were going to be grubbing the land, building fences and bringing in animals, horses and cows, for grazing.
After receiving your email, we reached out to her. She informed us that the grubbing is complete. In a week or two when the fencing is done, they will be bringing in some animals to graze the land.
It is always nice to know what your neighbors are doing, and she graciously communicated with us. It was not necessary, but welcome.

5/12/21 query continuation: Concerning the Living Stones Church parcel:

A.     Nothing much has changed since 2019. Laurie Freeman did speak with Joy Van Bergen in January and in that conversation, Joy mentioned it would probably be two years before the N. Ho’omama Street easement (through Joy’s property and to the Church property), would take place. And, before the pandemic, I also spoke to friends who are affiliated with the church and they also said that this will happen in the far future. There seems to be corroboration there. So, as far as we can tell, there is no news – which is good news.