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Invasive Species Resources

The Coqui Frog Task Force is working with a local company to assist owners in eliminating coqui frogs from our community. If you hear a coqui on your property, please contact our coqui eradicator to schedule a service call at no cost to owner:

Noah of Kao HI Coqui Control

To learn about eliminating coqui frogs and little fire ants from your property, use the link below. If you prefer to eliminate coqui on your own, the Association has a cordless blower with baking soda that you can borrow. Contact Hawaiiana for more information.

Another useful website, Control of Coqui Frogs in Hawaii, can be accessed here.


RATS are a nuisance, destroy property and directly and indirectly transmit disease. Did you know, Hawaii has roof rats (Rattus rattus) that are excellent climbers and use branches of trees/plantings to gain access to your roof? These rats also inhabit trees and the dead fronds (thatch) built up around the trunks of palm trees.

Adding to the rat population are the Polynesian and Norway rats that also appreciate having unpicked fruit and vegetable buffets, from home gardens, readily available. And they are always happy to make your outdoor loose stored and piled up items their “home sweet home”.

The Board can’t solve rat problems, but you can, by taking preventative measures.

  • Keep your trees and palms maintained at all times.
  • Keep all veggies and fruit trees harvested and all fallen fruit picked up.
  • Keep loose stored items to a minimum and keep an eye open for signs of rats.
  • Eradicate rats immediately.

(aka “White Tamarind”, “White Lead Tree” or “Hawaiian Wattle”)
This is Haole Koa, an invasive species that spreads and grows rapidly through 1,000s of seeds.  Each pod has 20-28 seeds.
Always remove or eradicate Haole Koa from your yards. Keep yards maintained regularly… and help stop the spread of this nuisance and invasive weed.

Link to Invasive Species Documents