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DRC Resources

To assist with your upcoming project, you can review the 2020 Restated Design Review Guidelines by logging on to the Owners Portal by clicking on this link.

Go to ‘Documents/Internal Documents’ on the left side menu, select ‘Governing Documents’, then ‘DRC Rules and Guidelines’. Scroll down to find “2020 Restated Design Review Guidelines” file.

The Association has eliminated the DRC Application Fee. A link to the application and some information on house paint colors and schemes, as well as concrete stain information can be viewed through the link below. More detailed paint color information can be viewed on the Owners’ Portal. Owners must register for the Owners’ Portal.

Link to limited DRC information.

Please be aware of the recent ratified changes in the County of Hawaii building codes for RS zoned property, such as Pualani Estates.  See a portion below.  The word “provided” and “not located less than 10’ from” are the catch words.

“The Hawaii County Construction Code notes the follow may be exempt from a building permit:

(D) Detached one-story accessory structures of U occupancy, used as a tool, shed, storage shed, gazebo, playhouse, animal shed, or for a similar use, provided:

(i) The structures are located on residential zoned land;

(ii) The total floor area of the accessory structures does not exceed two hundred square feet and is not greater than fifteen feet above finish grade; and

(iii) The building is not located less than ten feet from the property line or other structures; and does not violate the provisions for “yards” in chapter 25 (zoning). Structures shall be limited as defined per chapter 25.”

This is really bad news considering our small lot sizes with little to no flat building area for detached Accessory Structures.  It’s the location limitation that is going to be difficult.

In short, Owners need to start checking with the County Public Works  Building Dept. and Planning Dept. prior to submitting in their Applications/generic drawings/plans to the DRC.

Hawaii County advises that a building permit application that meets Hawai`i County Code may not necessarily meet the requirement of Pualani Estates CC&Rs and Association By-laws. To avoid costly litigation and reconstruction, it is your responsibility to check with the Design Review Committee to make sure your plans are compliant with CC&Rs and Association By-laws BEFORE YOU APPLY for a County building permit.

Unauthorized projects are subject to fines/penalties/removal as defined in your DRC Restated Guidelines. To avoid any of these consequences, please refer to the guidelines on the Owners Website BEFORE starting any project. If you have any questions, please contact the Association’s Managing Agent.

***When your project is completed, please let the DRC know so they can close the application.***

If you have questions about your application, please email the Association’s Managing Agent or call (808) 930-3218 for assistance.

Planning on updating your landscaping soon?

Check out these great resources on invasive plants provided by Big Island Invasive Species Committee and Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment Site before you buy your plants. They provide information on 2,000 plants with new pictures and headings. There are also new search options to make your search much easier.

Link to PlantPono.Org.

Link to Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment Site.