Welcome to our community website. Important alerts and information about our community are posted here. Just click on the category and scroll down.

To receive newsletters and timely updates from our Association, owners should send their email address to Pualaniemaillist@gmail.com.  If the Association does not have your email on file, the Association will contact you only via the post office and only for rule violations on your property or those items required by state statute.

To obtain association documents for home sale or refinance, go to WWW.Docutrieve.com.

Important Contacts for Our Community:

Name: Linda Morabito
Title: Senior Management Executive
Company: Hawaiiana Management Company
Phone: 808-593-6381
Email: LindaM@hmcmgt.com

Name: Homeowner Statements,
Title: Surepay AutoPay, Payments, Payment Coupons
Company: Hawaiiana Management Company
Phone: 808-440-5530
Email: paymentinquiry@hmcmgt.com