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CC&R Resources

Help keep our community looking attractive and keep our property values competitive. Some common violations are improper storage of items in view of the street, unapproved structures and landscaping, hillside, ditch, and landscape maintenance. Community-wide reviews are now conducted by our managing agent on a quarterly basis. As such, we encourage owners to report violations to our management company using the new Self-Regulation Form. You can find a copy of the form by following the “Link to CCR Resources” found at the bottom of this page. The community-wide review reminder banner will be posted on the flood culvert fencing.

Aloha Pualani Estates Owners,                                                                   July 27, 2021

Addressing Owner’s concerns related to the Community-wide Reviews, violation letters and the processes, while working from facts (not perceptions) has kept your newly elected Board of Directors quite busy since the April Board Meeting.
The work has included:
1. Conducting four Board Workshops with all seven Board Members, including one with our Hawaiiana executive and their manager.
2. Temporarily suspending monthly Community Wide Reviews conducted by Hawaiiana.
3. Reviewing and evaluating current violations, are they justified?
4. Consideration of why a 3rd party is used and needed in the Community Wide Reviews.
5. Evaluating the Notice of Violation letters being sent, (are they “harassing”?).
6. Comparing violation #s from the past to current #s, (is there an increase?).
7. Carefully reviewing, updating and revising the following documents included in this mailing:

-CC&R Violation Procedure Policy
-Association Rules
-Notice of Violation and Fine Process
-Violation and Fine Appeal Process

(To access these updated documents, click on the link at the bottom of this page.)

Our work and findings addressed and included:
1. A major complaint by some owners was that there were a lot of violation letters sent out in 2020 and that the letters were “harassing”. We requested samples of the Notice of Violation letters that were sent out. They were reviewed by all seven board members and were deemed not harassing at all.
2. Janet Cataldo, who had kept the Excel spreadsheets from her past term on the board, was able to compare statistics on the number of lots in violation in 2018 to 2020. Verification shows a decrease in 2020 compared to 2018. Thank you, Janet, for all the hours you put into this research!
3. The board members did a review of the CC&R and DRC violations by Hawaiiana. Three members drove around to see and compare violations to community standards. We took pictures and discussed what we found with all board members. We feel that the evidence is clear that the violations are appropriate.
4. Previous boards have used the “disinterested third party”, Hawaiiana, to do the community reviews and notices so that there was no favoritism shown. In follow-up to owners concerns,
we, as a group, reviewed the whole process. In doing this, we noted that most violators were either chronic violators or renters. And many of those lots have several violations at a time.
5. It was determined that continuing the Community Wide Reviews using our Management Company’s services is the best course of action with one change. The reviews will be done on a Quarterly basis, with a monthly follow-up review(s) on those on-going violations.
6. Because of fewer reviews, we encourage more community-wide self-regulation. That means, if an Owner has a complaint, we encourage neighbor-to-neighbor resolution. If that doesn’t work, then Owners may send their written complaint using the new Owner Self-Regulation Form, with pictures, to Hawaiiana. They will be processed by Hawaiiana and reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to mailing a Notice of Violation letter.
The new form Self Regulation can be accessed through the link to CCR Resource Documents at the bottom of this page.
7. Based on serious repetitive offenses, we have added two immediate fine related items to the Association Rules document and Notice of Violation and Fine Process. The first is a $500 fine for fireworks that was unanimously voted on two years ago. The second, due to residents not respecting their neighbors after nightly complaints, and with the suggestion of Hawaiiana management, we have initiated a $250 quiet time fine for excessive noise between 10 PM and 7AM.
8. No existing fines were increased through the Notice of Violation and Fine Process and the Board will be more involved in the review process prior to fines being assessed.

These enclosed, updated, revised and adopted procedures and policies supersede and replace the older versions of these documents. Please put these documents in a safe accessible location. If appropriate, please share with your tenants so that they do not incur any violations that you will be responsible for correcting.

Also included in this mailing is the PEK Owner Data Sheet. It is your responsibility to confirm that Hawaiiana has all this information. We cannot be held culpable if you do not receive eBlasts and letters with important information. Hawaiiana does protect Homeowner privacy and doesn’t share this information.

Don’t miss out on community news. To receive eBlasts, register today for our Owners’ Website at OwnerEnrollment.HMCMGT.com. We would like to start sending our eBlasts via the Owners’ Website so there is no cost to the Association. You can also send an email to the board through that website, and we’re planning to add surveys as well for owner input.

Mahalo to our membership for caring and sharing, and continuing to keep Pualani Estates a nice place to live.

Your PEK Board of Directors,
Eileen Celeste, President    Laurie Freeman, Vice-President    Deborah Pardi, Secretary     Sharly Ward, Treasurer   Directors at Large: Janet Cataldo, Ron Cole, Michele Wauson


1) Who is responsible for keeping the concrete V-drainage ditch free of debris and vegetation?

Answer: Each owner on either side of the V-ditch is responsible for keeping their plants, plant debris, rocks, etc. cleared out of and away from the V-drainage ditch. Debris blocking the V-ditch can cause water to stand, which is the perfect harbor for mosquitoes and their larva. So please check your portion of the V-ditch regularly and as neighbors work together, keep the V-drainage ditches cleaned out and free of vegetation and debris at all times.

2) Who is responsible for the V-drainage ditch if damage occurs?

Answer: The lot that is upslope of the V-ditch is the property that was deeded that portion of the drainage easement and the owner of the upslope property is the responsible party if maintenance or repairs are needed.

3) Does the Association or Hawaiiana Management inspect the V-drainage ditches for plant encroachment or debris buildup or do I have to report a problem?

Answer: The V-ditches are not reviewed. We urge neighbors to contact each other to resolve any issues or problems. If you are unsuccessful in your good neighbor effort, then yes, please contact Hawaiiana Management Company.

“Avoid Maintenance Violations”
Keep hillsides free of wild grass, weeds and invasive species like Haole Koa!

(aka “White Tamarind”, “White Lead Tree” or “Hawaiian Wattle”)
This is Haole Koa, an invasive species that spreads and grows rapidly through 1,000s of seeds.  Each pod has 20-28 seeds.
Always remove or eradicate Haole Koa from your yards. Keep yards maintained regularly… and help stop the spread of this nuisance and invasive weed.

Abandoned Vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle, follow the link under Other Resources/County Resources.

Mailbox Replacement Information – PL10 Mailbox Model No: #PL10w0201

Available from Home Depot and HPM. HPM carries the PL10 Mailbox in stock.

Link to CCR Resource Documents